VoIP Phone System Edinburgh

VoIP Phone System Edinburgh

Clyde Solutions provides VoIP Business Telephone systems to companies in and around Edinburgh. 

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As a Business based in Edinburgh you will need every advantage to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Clyde Solutions are proud to offer Edinburgh Businesses a cost-effective leading VoIP phone systme technology that is easy to use and manage.


YES! We have many clients across different sectors in the capital city and those in the media and creative sectors have especially benefited from VoIP.

Clyde Solutions can provide and install a VoIP system that is:

  • Affordable – low cost with no extra set-up, installation, or maintenance fees
  • Easy to use – including an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Reliable – your hosted system is monitored and maintained 24/7
  • Mobile – calls can be taken in other locations, via laptop or forwarded to a mobile phone

Clyde Solutions supplies Edinburgh businesses with the Horizon VoIP platform, Horizon implements call handling features for incoming calls resulting in a professional service to their customers and ensuring they answer every call. 

This leads to a dramatic reduction in monthly telephone costs along with increasing levels of customer service and customer satisfaction. 

What else does VoIP have to offer your Edinburgh Business?

Most VoIP services come with a number of bonus services. These business telephone services are highly benefical to Edinburgh Businesses. These include:

  • Anonymous call block – Giving you the chance to shut out calls from numbers that are withheld.
  • Caller ID – Allowing you to see who is calling before you pick up the phone.
  • Call diversion – The ability to send incoming calls to other UK phone numbers.
  • Call waiting – The chance to take an incoming call while you’re still busy with another phone call.
  • Do not disturb – Have your calls instantly forwarded to your voicemail without ringing at your end.
  • Emergency calls – Previously lacking on some VoIP services, most providers now allow you to call emergency numbers just by dialling 999 as you would on a conventional phone.
  • Ring back – A feature that allows you to continually call a busy line until you get through.
  • Conference Calls calling – Particularly useful for business who wish to be eco friendly and save on travel costs
  • Voicemail – Not just an answering service on your phone, but one that can be accessed via email or online
  • Fall-back- If your offices are busy and nobody can answer an incoming call, we can set the phones to automatically fall back to a call answering service.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of what a  VoIP phone system can do for your Edinburgh business and would like a quick quote. 

For more information about the cost savings and flexibility that a VoIP phone system can bring your Edinburgh Business please contact us. 



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