Mobile Data Connectivity

Mobile Data Connectivity

When it comes to the mobile data users in your business, you will find there are two different types of users; grazers and gannets.

Contrary to some peoples beliefs whenever you use the internet on your phone and your are not connected to Wi-Fi, you are using your mobile data allowance.
Whether your downloading/ sending email, browsing the web, checking out LinkedIn, send a tweet or streaming a video of a dancing giraffe, you will be taking a slice out of your data allowance.

Streaming services like YouTube and Spotify (other streaming services are available) tend to use quite a bit of data, but using Twitter or Facebook and browsing the internet in general uses a lot less.

Mobile Data Technologies
Clyde Solutions can deliver a full spectrum of 3G and 4G Mobile Data Services via our MVNO networks agreements and strategic partnerships.

4G services is the 4th Generation of the mobile solution, it can deliver download speeds of up to 80mbps depending on geographical location and network capacity.

3G & 4G Data Access

We can get you connected to the internet in a number of ways via 3G and 4G Mobile Data.

• SmartPhone you can connect directly to the network with your Voice and Data Sim in your Smartphone, you can also create a hotspot from your SmartPhone to connect your Tablet or Laptop

• Mi-Fi / Mobile Router a data sim in one of these devices would create a Wi-Fi signal that you could connect multiple devices at one time from one SIM

• Dongle gone but not forgotten, probably the most retro piece of modern technology available, this USB device, when equip with a Mobile Data SIM can connected a laptop to the internet, could also my connected to your office router to provide a 3G / 4G failover in the event of an internet shortage

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