IT Hosting Services

IT Hosting Services

This is an ever-increasing field of “Cloud” or “Hosted” services that you can choose from the world over these days. If you wish to discuss a cloud or hosted service that is near to you, then please get InTouch to discuss your requirements.

We can provide various levels of the Microsoft Office 365 hosted solutions as a Microsoft Partner.

There is also the option to go with a UK Hosted Microsoft Exchange deployment only if emails is all you require.

You may also wish to investigate the backing up of any Office 365 deployments you have or are getting, so that you can recover form data that is lost or corrupt, even hosted data is not 100% resilient. We offer this service as a monthly subscription, from a very budget friendly price.

We can also provide hosted data storage for your business needs, whether this be storage of your everyday files and folders to the Off-Site replication of your backup files.




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