Satellite Broadband

Satellite Broadband

Don’t wait around hoping superfast broadband will reach your business eventually, get fast broadband anywhere with Satellite Broadband from Clyde Solutions.
With Clyde Solutions’ Satellite Broadband you are connected via satellite, meaning there’s no telephone line required. This saves you £’s as there is no need to spend £100’s every year on line rental. There is also the option to use our voice over internet (VoIP) service.

Satellite Broadband is reliable and you get the speed you pay for. For example using our 20Mbps service means you get a service that delivers 20Mbps, something at only 1% of all 20/24 Mbps ADSL customers receive. There is a range of packages and available with data allowance from 25GB – 100GB and we can offer up to 40Mbps for medium sized businesses with multiple users.

In today’s technology dependent world the economic and customer impacts resulting from loss of broadband connectivity can be substantial. Satellite Broadband can also act as an efficient, cost effective back up for your main Broadband connection.

Our Satellite Broadband covers the entire UK and pretty much covers the whole of Europe so there’s no worrying about your businesses location. As we are all the same distance from a satellite in space, everyone can benefit from fast broadband right now.

Install and set up is easy, what we do is similar to a Sky TV installation.

  • We install a satellite dish outside
  • Via a single cable, we connect this to a modem where you want it
  • Normally we add a wireless router at the same time allowing you to enjoy your broadband throughout your home
  • You connect your computer, smartphone or tablet to make sure that you're happy with the system
  • You're online - fast!

Our install engineers are professionals. For a standard installation, everything's complete inside a couple of hours with minimal disruption and no mess. Your engineer will provide a full demonstration of your new equipment and won't leave until you're completely satisfied.

Wherever you are, you’re always on; fast and reliable Clyde Solutions Broadband service is the answer.


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