Business Leased Lines

Business Leased Lines

Dedicated, Private, Low Latency High Speed Connectivity for Voice, Data and Video 

Sometimes referred to as a Leased Line, a Fibre Ethernet Connection or an Ethernet connection (amongst other names). Regardless of how you refer to this type of internet connection, the service is delivered directly in to your premises via a fibre bearer, commonly this will be a 100MB/s bearer, although  this can be a 1GB/s or even a 10GB/s bearer. A business could start out with a lower bandwidth and increase their capacity as they grow, commonly a business with 20 employees may start with a 10/100Mb/s - meaning they would have a dedicated 10MB Upload and 10MB download bandwidth capacity - that they could increase to a maximum of 100/100MB/s as the needs of their business change. 

Ethernet connectivity is one of the most demanded products in the past year, there are a number of reasons for the big increase in demand Fibre connectivity.

  • Businesses moving towards cloud based applications and services, need a robust internet connection to support large user groups online accessing email, documents, software and CRM applications
  • Providing Voice and Data convergence for increased functionality and reduced cost
  • To enable large scale IP Telephony deployments where ISDN is too expensive and inflexibe

We work with leading carriers such as BT business and Gamma to bring you a solution that meets your most rigid requirements and allows us to deliver great value and maximum return on your investment. 

Clyde Solutions offers Leased Lines to business in Glasgow, Edinburgh and across Scotland. For more information contact us today


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