Internet Security for Mobile Phones

29 June 2021

In a sense, whether you use a mobile phone for business or personal use, the advice around security is very similar.  Internet security for mobile phones is even more important when accessing business systems and software but the same fundamental points to consider remain.

For example, creating strong passwords is a must.  This includes all business software that can be remotely accessed by employees on any device including mobile phones.  Making a regular system to change these passwords is also important, even if staff find it a pain.

Ensuring that everyone is careful around opening links in emails and text messages that seem unusual is key.  These are the most common ways that cybercriminals gain access to mobile phones and are very sophisticated, looking almost legitimate to the untrained eye.

For the business itself, being sure that any apps or software brought into the business is from a reputable supplier is important.  Otherwise, the problem may not be the access from the mobile phone but what staff are accessing that causes the security issue.

If you need help or upgrades to your business mobile phones or your security protocols, contact Clyde Solutions today to chat about our various services that can help.  Don’t wait until the worst has already happened!



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