Why we all Love Fast Broadband

27 July 2021

Ask the kids playing computer games at home and they will tell you that they love fast broadband because it lets them get really involved in their game without pauses or problems.  And while most businesses aren’t playing games, the concept is similar - fast broadband lets you get stuff done, quickly and effortlessly.

Fast Broadband

For businesses, one of the big reasons to love fast broadband is the ease with which you can connect to cloud software.  From storing files to accessing software, there are tons of ways we use the cloud in our businesses and this relies heavily on a good broadband speed.

Connecting up to work systems when at home is another reason that fast broadband is your friend.  Both home networks and businesses ones need to be of a reasonable speed to allow effortless working from home.  But the business network, in particular, needs to be able to handle multiple people doing multiple things all at once without that lag you see when everyone’s using their devices at home.

If you don’t think your broadband is up for the job, contact Clyde Solutions today to chat about upgrades.  We offer services to upgrade hardware and software to help you get that speedy broadband connection and also make the most of it.

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