How the Pandemic Changed IT Support

27 July 2021

IT Support has always been a fast moving, constantly evolving industry with new ideas and approaches being discovered and instituted at lightning speed.  But the pandemic enforced a whole new set of requirements into the existing framework of IT support and many of those changes look set to stay.  Let’s look at how the pandemic changed IT support.

IT Support

One of the big changes is almost a mindset one.  Stress testing, business continuity plans and backups were always seen as important but let’s face it, the worst-case scenario rarely happened.  Then it did.  Businesses were forced to almost overnight change how they worked, where staff were located and initiate a whole new range of measures.  So steps like stress testing and business continuity became a daily part of life and that doesn’t look set to change.

Another change was already happening but the pandemic forced it along - the move to cloud based applications.  Many businesses already knew that cloud options were the way to go but when the workforce suddenly had to stay at home, these options became compulsory.

Flexibility is another area.  IT support would sometimes feature dealing with problems caused by people working away from home.  But when the pandemic hit and the stay at home order came in, suddenly the support was needed from a multitude of locations around the area, country or even the world.  This offered new challenges and required new approaches - often while working from home themselves!

IT support is an area that always moves and evolves and some of the changes from the pandemic were already happening, but were just made to happen faster.  But most of them will stay with us even as we move away from restrictions and stay at home orders.

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