Business Mobile – Why they’re Still Essential

27 July 2021

Most people have a smartphone in their pocket nowadays.  Some of us have a tablet, a laptop and a desktop PC as well.  So does this mean that the need for a business mobile is now obsolete?  The answer is definitely no and here’s why.

Business Mobiles

For starters, it is always important to separate personal and professional and that means having a business mobile that isn’t the same device as their personal phones for your staff.  You want to be able to reach them during business times but allow them to switch off after work.  Having separate phones makes this easier.

Business mobiles are a business expense and it makes accounting easier.  Trying to get staff to work out how much time is spent for business on their own phone, getting paperwork and sorting accounting issues for a personal phone can be complex and very time-consuming.

With business phones, you can stipulate what software and apps are added to them.  This helps to minimise the risk of security issues from apps that aren’t as secure as you’d like to be added to the phone - something you can’t stop on a personal device.

Finally, you can get business contracts that pool data and can save money for the business while also ensuring everyone has access to the data they need.  This includes for other types of devices such as tablets and laptops that are owned by the business but given to staff for use.

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