Pros and Cons of the Cloud

31 January 2021

Cloud-based software is becoming the standard for more and more companies.  Rather than mess around sending out discs to give people access to their software, they simply grant them access through the cloud.

But what are the pros and cons of the cloud as a business?  Should you embrace this concept or be cautious about it?

There are plenty of things in favour of it.  For starters, it makes it easier to keep software up to date and avoid those vulnerabilities that happen when things aren’t updated.  It can save time because there’s no manual activity involved for the business, updates happen out of sight.

You can access cloud software from multiple devices and not just from the office either.  This allows for working from home to happen much easier while still being secure and only allowing people access to what you want them to have.

Perhaps the main downside to cloud computing is that you need the internet.  If the internet goes down, you can’t access the software.  Although many companies can reroute through the mobile network on the odd occasion this happens.

Finally, cloud software is reliant on the speed of your broadband.  If you have slow broadband connections, this can slow down the speed of the software.  But in most cases, there are ways to improve this and ease this issue.

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