How Often Should you Update Your Business Mobile Phones?

31 January 2021

The question of how often should you update your business mobile phones is a tricky one.  There’s lots of factors that go into the decision and the pace of change in hardware and software can also play a part.  Mobile phones also tend to be more active in their use and sustain more damage than a desktop computer which can reduce their lifespan.

The main thing to consider is the security of devices.  After a period of time, manufacturers stop offering software updates for older versions.  For example, with Apple that tends to be around five years.  Android isn’t quite as clear cut as there are lots of different manufacturers involved.

Once security updates are no longer offers, the devices become more of a risk.  People could hack into them and get access to sensitive business information.  That could lead to data protection issues or even outright data theft.

At the other end of the scale, there’s no point replacing the phone every year.  The old device is still perfectly good and there’s not likely to have been a massive improvement in later models, if there even is one. 

An average lifespan for mobile phones used for business is around three years.  There’s a lot of variation depending on your business and how many phones you have so working with an expert in business mobiles is the easiest way to get the right advice for your business.

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