Avaya Telephone Systems

25 February 2021

One of the key parts of your office telephone system is the actual handsets that you use.  These days, handsets are more than just a phone, they are a small computer that connects to the system and offers a range of features.  One of the best systems for business are Avaya telephone systems.  But what makes them stand out?


Avaya offers seamless integration where you can do everything from answer a  call to reply to an email via voice or even make an instant message into a conference call.  You will always have the same options even if you access the system from a different device so they are easy to use.

The system is designed to be veryproductivity-focusedd and to help everyone work together.  This means real-time collaboration across tools from desktop video to social media and even video conferencing.

Another benefit is that if you have third party devices or software you need to keep using, Avaya will integrate with them via the Avaya Aura system.  This means you can retain that specialist equipment you need but still get the benefits of a new Avaya system.

Contact Clyde Solutions today if you want to know more about the Avaya telephone system and how it could work for your business.

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