Non Geographic Numbers – The Benefits

29 August 2021

Non-geographic numbers are something known as Number Translation Services or NTS.  They are numbers that aren’t connected with any specific area of the UK and don’t start with the usual area code.  There’s lots of ways to use these but common examples include payment lines and customer services.

Telephone Numbers

One of the big benefits for a company in using this type of phone line is that it conveys a sense of nationwide coverage, rather than being limited to a specific area.  For some reason, this often boosts credibility in people’s eyes, even if they only want a service that is local to where they live.

But the biggest benefit is if you choose a freephone non-geographic number.  These are free for customers to call and this makes them more inclined to do this.  It helps build a positive experience with the customer and a good relationship because it doesn’t cost them to call you.

Premium non-geographic numbers can be a source of income for businesses, depending on how they work and what the cost and service involved with is.  Or they may act as a necessary step to ensure lines are only used for specific purposes.

Non-geographic numbers add flexibility to a business’ call support structure that makes them popular and easy to work with.  Plus there’s no need to change the existing telephone number, simply add this as an extra service and provide it to customers accordingly.

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