IT Support Needs of a Small Business

29 August 2021

Most businesses will have some or other form of internal computer systems such as desktops, laptops, servers, applications and storage systems. Each of these will need some sort of ongoing support to keep them operating smoothly.

IT Support

A small business can benefit from IT support in several ways:

  1. Tech Support

Internal and external tech support is required to keep the business' computer systems running smoothly. For desktops, laptops and servers there are software updates that need to be applied regularly to protect against bugs and security issues. This may also involve implementing new operating systems (OS) or migrating to new hardware.

  1. Cloud Support

Cloud-based services run the risk of being out of sync with each other and causing problems internally or externally. This makes it important to have someone who can manage those services. Cloud support is typically used for email and collaboration tools such as Google Apps, Office 365, Exchange Online/On-Premise and SharePoint Online.

  1. Backup and Recovery

Without backup and recovery, a business will likely suffer some kind of data loss at one point or another. This can be caused by human error, hardware failure, malware or even intentional sabotage on a computer system. Regardless of the cause, having the right IT support to react quickly with a backup and recovery solution is important for a small business.

  1. SaaS Support

Software as a service applications is typically hosted externally by companies that specialize in this area. While there's some self-help available with these services, a business needs to have someone who is experienced in installing, implementing and managing these services. So long as the SaaS solution is up to date with any patches and upgrades, it should be relatively easy for a small business to manage internally.

If you are a small business needing some or all of this IT support, contact Clyde Solutions today for a personalised quote.

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