Cloud Computing Benefits for the Small Business

29 August 2021

Cloud computing has quickly moved to be the standard approach for many businesses.  All kinds of software are now available 'on the cloud' and this makes it a big thing for small businesses to consider.  But what are the benefits to this type of software versus traditional, hard copy software?

Cloud Computing

This means the benefits of cloud computing start with the users having access to all their files all the time from anywhere.  This is great if you're a small business because it means you can set up your own office in an affordable flat and still work from home, away or abroad wherever there's good connectivity. No need to move boxes of software around with you; just take a laptop and connect it up to the internet.

Cloud-based software is usually offered as a subscription service, so you don't need to buy a license or hardware because all your computing resources are handled on an 'as needed' basis by the provider.  This means it's very cost-effective for small businesses that only need basic functions that can be scaled up or down depending on the business needs. 

It also means there's no need to keep track of hardware and software upgrades, backups or security updates. The provider does this for you, so all your IT budget can be used elsewhere in the business.  The cloud-based service providers are usually very good at maintaining all their infrastructure, because they have lots of customers, so it makes sense for them to be competent.

You still need a computer somewhere to connect to the cloud – this can be in your home office or you could use a device like an iPad which is just as portable and convenient as a laptop.  But no matter where the actual computer is, all your files are available to you because they're stored on the cloud. 

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