Benefits of Office 365 for Businesses

29 August 2021

Office 365 is Microsoft’s core office product that incorporates a range of software including Word, Excel and Teams.  It is now available as a cloud-based option that means the need for physical copies of the software has gone.  But what are the benefits of Office 365 for businesses that make it worth paying for?

Office Support

Secure cloud storage is one of the big benefits of this type of system.  Gone are the days when everything needed to be stored at a large and bulky server inside the building - instead, things like Office 365 can work over the internet.  This does mean the internet connection is required but many other systems will also need this.

Such cloud-based systems also make communication within the team easier and quicker.  There’s no need to hold up the phone lines calling each other when you can use cloud-based software like Teams to hold those conversations and check-ins.  This also helps improve productivity as less time is spent travelling to and from meetings.

The cost of Office 365 works out per user, per month and that means you can get exactly what you need from it and only pay for this.  It allows businesses to accurate assess monthly costs by knowing who is needing the software.

Finally, the software has an automatic upgrade feature that means there’s no concern about outdated software causing potential security issues.  Updates are included as part of the license and often taken place while the business is shut for the night.

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