Call Management Solutions?

29 April 2021

As a business, there’s always the balance between the features and facilities you need and what would make life easier, simpler or improve productivity. An example of a system that can do all three is call management. But what are the best call management solutions and how do they work?

Call Management

Call management usually comes in two areas - inbound and outbound. At Clyde Solutions, the call management solutions we offer include both of these so you can choose one or both to make your business run smoother.

Our Intelligent Inbound call manager systems work for both local and non-geographic numbers to give online access to call routing, monitoring and management tools. This allows for top quality customer service and works with local numbers, which many systems do not. We also offer the full range of the usual 0800 numbers.

With our Intelligent Outbound call management system, you can reduce the number of unanswered calls or chances that callers hit an engaged tone by managing the routine of outbound calls. This helps to improve productivity and also makes for a better customer experience which in turn increases leads and sales.

Call management solutions are the modern solution to having busy phone lines and helps you make the most of every call and ensure that call abandon levels are at the lowest level possible.

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