The Continued Growth of VOIP Phone Solutions

30 November 2020

The growth of VoIP in the last two decades has been huge and 2021 doesn’t look to change that direction.  One study showed that 63% of businesses viewed it as a ‘highly effective technology for companies’ while 60% viewed it as improving collaboration.  Nearly 50% of those surveyed even viewed it as giving them a competitive advantage and similar numbers believed it improved the company’s image.

But what is likely to be the big trends in the coming years that will help VoIP to continue to grow and be a business favourite?

Top fo the list is the mainstream adaptation of 5G that will allow VoIP to fully realise its potential.  As the fifth-generation networks begin to be in use around the world, better data transfer speeds and improved connectivity of wearable tech will be major improvements.

VoIP also allows the use of artificial intelligence or AI in customer services in new ways.  Automated customer services and sales automation are billion-dollar industries and some research shows that as much as 85% of customer interactions will be handled without humans.

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