How 2020 Changed our Working Patterns

30 November 2020

Working from home isn’t a new thing - many different industries have been using this pattern for years.  Many sole traders working online have never done anything but worked at home.  But with 2020, the working patterns for many more people have been forced to change.  Could these changes stick going ahead?

For the early part of 2021, there’s little doubt that more restrictions would be the normal approach and the ‘work from home where you can’ advice given.  But as things settle, there are going to be more options open to businesses.  However, many different types of companies have already said that they plan to allow some or majority of their employees to work from home.

Improving networks will help with this.  As 5G starts to filter through from an idea to a reality, then this should help with some of the problems many still encounter.  Freezing Zoom calls, slow internet speeds at certain times of the day or the inability to use certain software alongside others are all common problems that we have encountered in 2020.  But as working patterns remains home-focused, companies will want to deal with these issues.

Of course, it isn’t all positive.  For businesses that rely on trade from other businesses in city centres, for example, the work from home move has been a disaster.  Their lifeblood is no longer entering the city centre and making use of their facilities.  For them, the working pattern change hasn’t been a positive one.

As long as companies continue to evolve their IY systems, there’s no reason why working from home can’t remain a permanent option.  This is a working pattern change that may well become a permanent one for thousands of employees around the world.

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