Computer Trends for 2021?

30 November 2020

If there’s one thing that 2020 has taught us, it’s that the worst-case scenario can really happen.  That you can suddenly find your business shut down or forced to work differently to normal with very little forewarning.  But that also has shown that many businesses are far more adaptable and resilient than they would have guessed.

At the heart of this resilience is the equipment that businesses use.  From mobile phones to cloud software and VoIP phone lines, computer trends have a direct impact on what we do within the business.  But what are some of the predictions for 2021?

One thing your business likely needs now and will probably need into next year is more and better collaboration tools and services.  With a workforce often required to work from home and with short notice, many of these things have been cobbled together as a ‘best we can do on short notice’ effect.  But as these ways of working become a more permanent option, improving the tools being used can positively impact productivity and security.

Video has become a central part in many businesses lives.  From using video marketing to promote the business to using video calls to keep in touch with staff and clients, it is at the heart of everything.  So another is to improve is the tools and tech used for videos including portable microphone setups, video editing equipment and even green screens.

Finally, with the growth of things like 5G and the use of VPN, assessing the hardware you have and upgrading it looks almost like a trend for 2021.  While this might be normal activities for tech-based businesses, many more companies will come to understand the need for this kind of yearly check as their business operations evolve.

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