2021 & Business Landlines

30 November 2020

On the surface, the events of 2020 have meant that the business landline is slightly obsolete, no longer needed for a business that is closed or whose staff are working from home.  But this doesn’t paint a clear picture of the importance of business landlines, an importance that looks set to continue into 2021.

Business landlines are no longer just about phone calls.  Sometimes, they don’t ever receive a single call in the traditional sense.  Instead, they are the means a business connects to the internet and things like cloud software or remote working tools.  The traditional use for calling in and out of the business is still there but often secondary to this feature.

While mobiles have gone a long way to provide another option for accessing the internet, these can’t replace the capacity that a decent network can offer via a landline.  So while use for all kinds of individual tasks while working from home can be done via a mobile, most businesses prefer that staff use their landline to connect to key systems.  And this means a landline at the business end as well.

So while working patterns have changed, the need for a high quality, reliable business landline doesn’t look set to change in 2021.  Even home-based businesses will need that physical connection to the internet somewhere in the house.

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