Technology Trends Driven by the COVID-19 Pandemic

31 May 2020

Before the pandemic, more and more businesses were examining new ways to use technology.  From working at home to automation, these technology trends were already growing.  But with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, some of them have been vastly accelerated and will continue to be important.

Remote work is one of the biggest growth areas with more businesses forced to go to this model in order to keep operating.  But this has also shown what is possible.  With virtual private networks (VPNs), virtual meeting software, cloud technology and even facial recognition security, it is easier than ever to be at work but be at home at the same time.



Another area that was already growing and has had a boost from the virus is the world of distance learning.  Nearly all children are currently experiencing it along with university students of all ages.  This shows the possibilities and the range of options available online, both from traditional and non-traditional sources.

Telehealth is the term used for healthcare services provided over the internet and this is something that has had to develop with the new situation.  From wearable devices to track health metrics to chatbots to diagnose basic symptoms, the healthcare industry has embraced new tech, and this continues to develop.

Finally, 3D printing has been in the news a lot and for good reason.  The ability to print key parts for medical equipment or much-needed PPE means that traditional methods of manufacturing may face serious competition going forward.

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