Is Home Working With us for the Long Term?

31 May 2020

Many businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic were forced to quickly institute home working principles in order to continue to function.  Others had been working on this approach for some time and merely extended it to a greater number of employees.  But is the home working approach with us for the long term?

Home Working

One recent poll showed that 57% of employers said they would consider adopting a work from home policy on a longer basis after it has proven effective during the pandemic.  This shows that businesses have noticed the benefits of allowing people more flexibility in their workplace and seen fewer of the issues that they used to deny it beforehand.

Of course, there are still issues.  How can employers judge productivity when the person isn’t in the same building as their manager?  Are home distractions leading to a lower productivity level or mean they are simply not working as much as they should?

During the pandemic, many of these problems were overlooked because there was no option.  But moving forward, for home working to continue employers will need to either find new ways to register productivity or a new approach to what they consider a good day’s work.  Hopefully, this changing mindset will be one of the positives from this difficult time.

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