Does Your Company Need an IT Review?

31 May 2020

Often, we use systems, software and hardware without much thought – it works so why do anything more?  But for businesses that rely more and more on their IT systems, a breakdown or issue could be costly.  So, does your company need an IT review?


An IT review is a process to understand the health of the business IT systems.  It looks for areas where improvements can be made as well as where it could be possible to save money.  It assesses improvements that could streamline systems or where new hardware or software could make a difference.

An IT review is carried out by an external company such as Clyde Solutions who are experts in the IT field.  Our process is to look at the requirements of the business, current best practices and service benchmarks as well as the latest technology compared to what you are currently using.

Then we can make recommendations about what is working and what may be better with some form of upgrade or change.  The aim is to create tangible improvements rather than simply concepts that don’t impact the bottom line.

If you then want to go ahead with the changes we have recommended, we can put these into place and help make the transition a smooth and simple one with the least disruption possible.

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