Ways to Work Well From Home

25 March 2020

For many people, this may be the first time they have worked from home.  Or it may be the first time they have done it for a length of time or when the kids are also at home.  That’s why understanding ways to work well from home is going to be key to your success.

Working From Home

For starters, it is ideal if you can create yourself a workspace.  This might be a spare bedroom, the conservatory, a dining room or anywhere else.  The ability to ‘go’ to work and have some routine to the day is a big help in shifting mindset and getting more done.  If this is difficult because you are also looking after kids, then try to have a table or desk in the room with them so you have a workspace and feel more ‘at work’.

One of the joys of working from home is flexibility but it can also lead to procrastination.  All the easy stuff gets done first and the tough stuff is put off.  That’s why it is important to have a work schedule, get the tough stuff out of the way first and try to stick to it.  There will be times when you don’t get it all done and that’s okay but by having a clear schedule and work to-do list, you will instantly be more productive.

Cut out as many distractions as possible.  Turn off app notifications on your phone or laptop if you don’t need them for work.  Try to avoid spending too much time on social media or reading the news.  Aim to mimic a working day where you have work spells then breaks.

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