Remote Working – how we can help

25 March 2020

The rise of remote working has received a rapid boost in light of world events, and this means more companies than ever are considering it.  In fact, it may be the only way to continue to work in coming weeks.

Remote Working

But how can your company switch to remote work and what can Clyde Solutions do to help?  The key to remote work is to understand what equipment and facilities you need and also what security is required to handle remote access to your system.

For starters, your staff either need to have work supplied equipment such as smartphones or tablets or the ability to use their own personal devices for their work.  The latter may involve some enhanced security features to their devices to make sure they are up to standard as home internet connections may not be as secure as business ones.

If you want staff to handle business calls at home, upgrades may be needed to the phone system.  This can allow the rerouting of calls to mobiles or other landlines to suit the business needs while still registering as being a business call.

With all of these issues and more, we can help.  We have been setting up remote working features for clients for a considerable time and have the equipment and expertise to help you make key changes to your working practices in these difficult times.

Contact Clyde Solutions to discuss your requirements.

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