COVID-19: Computer and Telecom Cleaning Tips

30 June 2020

As more business open up and return to an office-based work day, the need to combat the spread of COVID-19 hasn’t gone away.  Touching something that another person has touched is one of the potential risks and in an office, that means things like computers and telecom equipment. 

Computer Cleaning

The key then is to have a regular routine for cleaning equipment to reduce the risk of transferring the virus.  Phone always have a reputation for being a breeding ground for bacteria so the new habits can be a good thing to keep going even after the coronavirus is less of a concern.

For most phones including smartphones, a soft lint-free cloth and some inexpensive rubbing alcohol can work perfectly.  Aim for a mixture that is 70% isopropyl alcohol and make sure that none of the moisture gets into any openings, charging ports or keys.  Always unplug the phone before cleaning and spray the liquid onto the cloth, not directly onto the phone.

With computers, the big problem is the keyboard which has to be touched regularly to do its job.  Unplug it or switch it off if it is wireless and turn it over, tapping it to allow any debris to fall out.  Then use a similar system to clean phones – use the soft cloth, add the spray to the cloth not directly to the keyboard and wipe gently.  Don’t use strong cleaning solutions as these can damage the printing on some keyboards.

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