Cloud-based Telephony Solutions

30 June 2020

Cloud based telephony solutions are a simple and cost effective way to answer the needs for telecoms systems in your business.  Rather than the need to maintain the phone on a server with system software in the physical office, you can use a cloud based phone system from a provider and have no server requirements.

Cloud Telephone

In many cases, the savings you can make on the cost of calls by making the switch can be significant, especially if you regularly make calls outside the UK.  In some cases, as much as 90% of overseas phone call costs can be saved by switching to this type of system.

However, it isn’t just about cost savings – it is also about the flexibility of these systems.  Cloud phone solutions work anywhere there is an internet connection so can work from a phone, a laptop or a smartphone.  This is ideal to bring in remote working principles and allow staff to work at home or in different locations.

With the cloud-based nature of the system, it is also far easier to ensure there is no downtime with this kind of system.  That’s because the components of the system aren’t housed in one location and therefore the chance of them all failing at the same time is extremely slim.  It also means your business can operate during localised power cuts via smartphones.

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