Wi-fi security tips

31 July 2020

When it comes to securing your business, the Wi-fi system isn’t always top of the list.  But this is a potential vulnerability that needs to be covered to ensure criminals can’t get access to your system and exploit this.


The first step is always to change the default password on your router when you receive it.  This is a fairly simple process but an important one that helps reduce the chance anyone can access it.  Make it something difficult to guess, random letters and numbers are a good bet.  Throw in a capital letter and symbols to ensure it is safe.  Then keep note of it somewhere secure – don’t just jot it on paper or send it via email.

Physically securing the Wi-fi router is another good step.  Because there’s a physical reset button on it, if someone gets into the office, they can reset the password and gain later access to the Wi-fi.  So put it somewhere hard to find without stopping it from working properly.

Don’t forget to have top quality firewall software working with the router to help catch anything that does get through.  The combination of the right settings, location and passwords for the router along with the right firewall settings can dramatically reduce the risk of criminals gaining digital access.

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