VOIP Phone Systems Benefits

31 July 2020

VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the top choice for most business phone systems – but what makes it so popular?  What are the VOIP phone system benefits that are persuading businesses to switch to this kind of system over a traditional landline?


Top of the list is the low cost per call.  Because VOIP uses the internet rather than telephone lines to make a call, all information goes through the broadband connection.  This is quicker and more cost effective than connecting two individuals via the phone lines to make a call.

As the recent COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted, flexibility in working locations is a big benefit to businesses.  Having staff able to work from home or from other locations is something easily done with a VOIP system as there are no physical limits to where the phones connect.

These systems are continually evolving and that means a growing range of options and features to use.  From call waiting to voicemail to text transcriptions straight to your inbox, there are a whole range of features that can help boost productivity and make the working day smoother.

Finally, the system offers a better customer experience.  Because you have various options with call waiting, message taking and redirecting calls, everyone ringing the busines will get some kind of response, rather than just that ever-ringing phone that frustrates us all so much.

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