Is it time to move to Office 365?

31 July 2020

Office 365 is the newest version of the Microsoft Office suite and offers something that previous versions never could – a completely cloud-based solution for your office software.  But how do you know if it is time to move to Office 365?

Office 365

If you aren’t using a clod-based version of Office, then you will have a physical server in your premises that handles all of the Office functions.  This is often a large item that requires security and cooling to keep it functioning.  It needs constant backing up and updating and can be a job in itself.

But often, something like Office may be one of the last remaining functions that require a server.  That’s why Office 365 was created.  Businesses could switch everything to the cloud and look to get rid of the old server and all of its requirements.

The flexibility of the system is another reason for the switch.  Staff working from home can access it remotely, there are tons of sharing features within the software to make collaboration easy and everything is stored off-site.

With Office 365, you pay for what you need and licenses for each user so costs can be clear.  You don’t need to spend time updating the software as this is done automatically so there’s no risk of security issues from outdated software.  And as your needs change, so too can your plan and features.

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