What is Quantum Computing?

31 January 2020

One of the next ‘big things’ that everyone is talking about is quantum computing – from Google to IBM to start-ups around the world, companies are focused on it.  But what is quantum computing and why is it such a revolution?

Quantum computing makes use of something called subatomic particles – these can exist in more than one state at any time.  This means they can be used to perform computing operations far quicker and with far less energy than traditional computers can.

Quantum Computing

In classic computers, information is one of two things – a 1 or a 0.  But quantum computer uses ‘qubits’ with two states that allows them to store much more information and be more than just a 1 or a 0.

All of that sounds like a physics lesson!  So, what can quantum computers do that would make them interesting for everyday life or business?  One of the big things would be to help make data far more secure than is currently possible – quantum-based cryptographic systems.

They can also be used for things like developing new chemical reactions that advance medical knowledge and even provide new ways to handle illnesses and disease.  Because they are faster and have more capacity than normal computers, the possibilities are endless.  We just need to wait for them to be perfected – and that may not be too distant a thing.

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