How to Choose the Right Phone System

30 January 2020

Are you ready to choose a new phone system for your business but are a little unsure which to go for?  Seeing lots of features but uncertain which ones you really need?  Here are some tips to help you make a decision.

Phone System

First, do you need a full phone system with physical desk telephones or are you more looking at a system that uses mobile devices and connects to a virtual phone service?  Most businesses still want to have a physical system but if you do use mobiles rather than desktop systems, it may be worth looking at the options.

If you are favouring physical phones, what services do you want?  Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP runs phone lines over the internet and is a modern option while traditional landline based systems are still available.  If you want to go for VoIP, will you be housing the system on-premises or want a cloud based service?

Should you be considering switching to something like VoIP from a traditional landline, this can be a big benefit for the business.  Landline phone systems are an outgoing technology with fewer new models being made for them.  By changing to VoIP, you can access the latest hardware with all the benefits that it brings while still offering a seamless phone system from the client’s point of view.

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