Does Your Business Need a Telephone Answering Service?

30 January 2020

A telephone answering service is something that you can add to your business at any stage but how do you know when you need it?  Being in business is a balancing act of spending what you need but watching the cash flow so what are signs that an answering service is the next thing you need?

Call Answering

If your business is growing fast and you find you can’t keep up with the telephone calls and still get stuff done, then an answering service could be the solution.  This allows someone to handle phone calls, forward important messages for you but allows you to concentrate on the actual services or products that you are selling.

Another reason is if you find yourself giving out your personal mobile number to ensure people reach out.  This is usually because the main line is either too busy or you don’t have time to answer it.  By having someone do this for you, there’s no need to hand out your mobile to anyone but friends and family.

An important part of being in business is having down time but phone calls can intrude on this.  A call answering service can solve the problem by handling those out of hours calls and allow you to have time to yourself.  Or if you find you need extended business call hours but don’t want to open for longer, this can help – handling calls from different time zones for example.

Finally, if you run an online only business, offering an answering service to handle calls that may come in can help.  You don’t want calls to your home number or to set up a business line that you don’t use much.  So, having a service handle occasional customer phone calls can solve the problem.

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