Will we still be working from home in 2021?

30 December 2020

After the virus itself, one of the big talking points for 2020 has been the growth of the work from home model.  Businesses have been forced to quickly adopt these approaches, sometimes haphazardly, in order to keep operating with the lockdown guidance.  But will we still be working from home in 2021?

Sometimes, you can forget that working from home or remotely was already a booming industry before coronavirus.  Many types of business allow workers to work from home and many entrepreneurs run their entire empires from their home office.  Therefore while 2020 might have forced some businesses into the model quicker than expected, for others, it was simply a natural extension.

There’s no doubt that in the early part of 2021, the effects of COVID-19 will continue to be felt and government guidance may remain that people work from home where possible.  As the vaccines spread and cases start to settle, then businesses will face more options.  However many big companies have already said they will be allowing staff to remain home based some or all of the time.

So there’s little doubt that working from home will remain a huge part of work life in 2021 and may even grow.  As infrastructure improves and companies update hardware and software, this will become easier and offer a seamless experience for the customer.

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