What will IT Support look like in 2021?

30 December 2020

IT Support is one of the services you don’t think about until something goes wrong!  But for companies who offer it as a service, we understand that companies need us at any moment of the day to sort problems that could potentially cost them a lot of money or loss of reputation.  But will IT support change in 2021 and what could it look like?

One fact is for sure - more people are working from home than ever before and that doesn’t look set to change too much in 2021.  That means IT support needs to be more flexible and able to handle the challenges of a workforce that isn’t in a single location.  In fact, location-based IT services could be in something of a decline as businesses have people working in a variety of locations.

The reliance on the IT systems within a business will continue to grow in the next year.  As more companies than ever add or expand their online operations, the need for someone to look after this hardware and software will also grow.  As lockdown has shown, people will now use online services in greater numbers than before but this adds strain to digital infrastructure.

Finally, IT support will be needed to help with the upgrades to hardware that is an inevitable part of change.  With the growth of 5G, for example, new hardware might be needed to make the most of higher speeds.  VoIP systems and cloud software will continue to grow and that means having someone keeping an eye on them or helping when something goes wrong.

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