IT Trends in 2021

30 December 2020

As we head into 2021, it is always good to see what experts believe will be the big trends in any industry.  The IT trends in 2021 are still quite defined by the current pandemic and the impact it has had on working life.  But there are positives to be seen.

Location independence is the fancy term for working from home or other locations and is one of the big changes for 2020 that will continue into next year.  While many companies were forced into it and had to make the best of their hardware and software options, 2021 will see this become more purposeful and strategic as well as doubling up on security.

Understanding the need for business continuity in IT systems is clearer than ever.  One of those ‘worst case scenarios’ really happened this year and how a business coped made a huge difference to its future.  In 2021, businesses will be more aware that this kind of thing can really happen and ensure their IT system is as prepared as possible.

From the customer view, a total experience in the online world will be a big focus for 2021 and businesses will be working on their systems to offer this.  Bringing together technology, employees, customers and suppliers, the concept aims to create a seamless and smooth process for everyone.

Security will always be a big focus and there’s no reason to think 2021 will be any different.  As cybercriminals seek to make the most of the chaos of the pandemic, small businesses have suffered more than ever.  So a big trend for 2021 will be beefing up that security to ensure your company doesn’t become a crime stat.

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