IT Audit – Why It’s Important?

30 December 2020

IT audits are a bit like any type of audit - not the most exciting thing on the calendar!  But this doesn’t mean that it isn’t important and just like other types of audits, should be carried out regularly.

IT auditing usually looks at a few main areas.  These can include the performance of the IT equipment and software in the business, any laws and regulations that apply to it and if the current setup adheres and also a financial assessment.  As equipment gets older, the value declines and it may need replacing.  An audit can highlight this, look at the cost savings from investing money or where upgrades can benefit productivity.

Another area that an audit can assess is security.  Nearly 44% of cybercrimes are perpetrated onto small businesses and that means understanding your cybersecurity profile and what you are doing to avoid becoming a statistic is crucial.  This also has a big part to play in reputation management as customers are nervous if company’s IT systems are shown to be vulnerable.

IT audits are important to help the business run smoothly, to ensure systems are up to date and security is as tight as possible.  Without them, vulnerabilities could be exploited and there could be financial losses or simply wasted time and money.

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