Why it’s Best to Choose a Local IT Support Company

30 August 2020

There’s no shortage of IT support companies out there.  Google it and you will see hundreds, based all over the world.

IT Support

But what about choosing a local IT support company?  Apart from the obvious benefits of helping your local economy, are there benefits for your business to picking someone based near where you are?

One of the biggest benefits to a local IT support company is that they can come to your premises.  If you work with a company based in the US or in Singapore, they are unlikely to send someone to your office in Glasgow to check a faulty system.  And if they did, it would take days and cost a fortune! 

With a local company, you can get that in-person service in a short time and ensure that your problems are solved by a real expert, on site.  The same applies when upgrading or changing systems or processes – you can have someone come to the office, walk you through how to use the new purchase and make sure it is functioning correctly.

Another benefit is that they are on the same time zone as you and are working when you are.  There’s nothing worse than waiting 5 hours for someone in New York to wake up to get the help you need – that’s over half the work day lost.  Going local means help is on hand during the time you are at work, so when you need it most.



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