Has Lockdown Changed Your Company’s Digital Approach?

30 August 2020

Few businesses have found themselves unaffected in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Perhaps the biggest area of changes for many businesses has been their digital approach and the adjustment to having staff work from home.

Digital Approach

A growing number of businesses have embraced new digital approaches in recent years.  Working from home or from different locations is top among them with the use of cloud systems making this far easier.  Enhanced online security also means that there’s less concern about people accessing business systems from their home broadband connection.

With lockdown, all of these gentle changes took up unprecedented pace and more businesses than ever embraced them – because it was the only safe way to continue working.  Companies around the UK set up work from home systems and offices were quiet and empty.

Now lockdown has eased, has your company’s digital approach changed forever?  If you want to continue embracing work from home or flexible working approaches, we are here to help.  Perhaps you didn’t make the switch during lockdown but now want to examine the possibilities. 

Whatever your needs from starting out to scaling, we are here to help.  Clyde Solutions are experts in flexible working systems and equipment so your staff can work wherever you need them to.

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