Business Mobiles – is it Time to Renew?

30 August 2020

Business mobiles are an increasingly important part of the IT hardware that a business owns.  Given to staff or executives, they allow people to be easily connected to the main system and to work where needed.  It is also a business expense that is deducted from profits.

Business Mobiles

But how do you know if it is time to renew your business mobiles?  Mobile phones are constantly changing, with new models appearing every year or two.  It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking ‘newest is best’ and constantly upgrading every time a new phone is released.

The important thing to consider is your contract.  Stopping one to start another on a new phone could be costly.  Plus one model to the next, there isn’t always a huge difference.  So you could run up a big cancellation bill for only 2-3 new features – and these might not even be business relevant ones!

One of the best options is to work with experts in business mobile phones such as Clyde Solutions.  We can assess your contract, your handsets and compare new plans and phones to help you see when to upgrade and what to upgrade to.  We can help you set up new phones when the time is right to upgrade and show your staff how to use key features on them.

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