Zoom Video Conferencing

30 April 2020

One of the key parts of remote working is being able to keep in touch with your staff.  A great way to do this is with video conferencing and one of the most popular apps for this is Zoom.  But what does it involve and how can you use it?

Zoom is an easy to use tool that handles meetings of up to 100 people on the free version and higher than this if you upgrade to a paid account.  You can use the webcam on your PC or laptop or even on a smartphone to join a meeting and as the host, it is easy to set up meetings and send out links to for attendees to easily access it.


With Zoom, you can chat with people.  You can do video on or off and there’s the option to mute people if you are doing a presentation.  There is also the option to record the whole meeting and then download this to the host’s device.

Screen sharing is a particularly handy feature of Zoom.  You can show your screen or a window on it as well as create a whiteboard that people can draw or write on.  There are also options for file sharing.

If you don’t want to be seen and speak, you can use the chat feature to type messages or comments.  This is handy for presentations and allows the presenter to come back to the questions at the end of handle things mid-shot.

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