Remote Working IT Support

30 April 2020

One of the big areas that the current pandemic has shown us is that more jobs than ever can be done at home.  But this often means there’s a need for remote working IT support when problem arise.  Here at Clyde Solutions, we can help with the support you need for short or long term remote working.

Remote Working

The key to remote working is to have the right security in place so that no matter where employees log into the system from, they are secure.  This is one aspect that we are often called in to examine for businesses – is the current security set up ready for the challenge?

Another aspect can be simply allowing people to log into the system when not in the office.  This might mean altering some settings and profiles to permit this while still watching that security.  We can help with the changes needed.

Things like file sync and share is also a key part of remote working, ensuring no data is lost and files can easily be shared among employees.  If you don’t already have this kind of system in place, we can offer support to help with this.

Finally, if there are problems, we offer comprehensive support to help manage them and find the quickest solution.  Tech does suffer from problems sometimes, especially when we are doing new things, but our job is to solve those problems and get everyone working again.

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