COVID-19 5G Broadband Conspiracy

30 April 2020

Of the many stories that surround the COVID-19 virus, perhaps the strangest one is the theory that there is some connection between the virus and the 5G broadband network.  Despite the complete lack of logic to the story, it continues to spread and 5G phone masts around Europe have been destroyed to ‘fight’ the virus.

5G is the latest version of the broadband network and will replace 4G, the system we mostly currently use.  5G is a big step up that allows the transmission of much more data, much faster and will have a wide range of benefits for commercial and domestic users.


In the current pandemic, technology is playing a crucial role in connecting health services, allowing people to talk to each other across video calls and even keep in touch with the latest news.  But the destruction of 5G masts such as the one near Birmingham is actually harming this infrastructure and making life harder for people.

Experts in all fields have confirmed there is no technical basis for there being a connection between a physical virus affecting people’s health and the 5G broadband network.  The WHO (World Health Organisation) has even added the conspiracy theory to its ‘myth busters’ article, aimed at combat false or incorrect information about coronavirus.

Therefore, spreading stories about this connection isn’t helping anyone and if the network continues to be damaged, it is the home connections and businesses around the country who will suffer, not the virus.

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