iPhone 11 Review

22 September 2019

The latest generation of the famous Apple iPhone has just been released but what are the early reports from the first people to try out the latest generation of the smartphone?


The first thing to note is the price for the entry level of the new iPhone is actually lower than the previous model at £729 versus £749 for the iPhone XR.  The core design isn’t that different and hasn’t been for the last few models because why change it when it works?  And in terms of weight and dimensions, the iPhone 11 is the same as the previous models.

But there are some improvements.  Battery life is better and that’s impressive as the previous model wasn’t poor in this department.  There’s an upgrade on Face ID and another camera on the back of the phone.  Plus, for fans of colour, there are two new colour options – purple and green – added to the usual black, white, yellow and red.

The processor inside the phone is around 20% faster than the last model, aiming for 1 trillion operations for second.  The A13 chip adds around one hour per charge to battery life and it features a 6.1inch Liquid Retina display.

The phone comes with the iOS 13 software which includes a Dark Mode that turns the entire theme black.  This is better for use at night and is easier on the eyes.  There are also a few security features updates and a simple volume slider on the side of the phone.

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