Hewlett Packard Enterprise Commits to Scotland

22 September 2019

Computing giant Hewlett Packard have confirmed that they will continue to use Scotland as one of their key bases, regardless of the situation when the UK leaves the EU.  The US based company offers a range of IT equipment from its Renfrewshire site where it refurbishes laptops, printers and serves.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Speaking from the company facility in Erskine, Ray McGann said that the level of technical expertise on the site was extremely important for the company and was one of the cornerstones of the business.  It also said it was very important that the site continued to operate.

The business helps customers across Europe with the lifecycle of the company’s assets and was following the success of similar sites in Norway, a non-EU country.  Due to the ongoing uncertainty around Brexit, the company has been planning for the worst-case scenario but have confirmed they will continue to operate their Scottish site.

Hewlett Packard are also concentrating on changing how IT works and driving down the carbon generated.  The Erskine facility plays a big part in this, refurbishing almost 90% of equipment that is then used for customers again, known as the circular economy.  Less than 0.4% of the materials brought to the site are waste – everything else is reused and recycled.

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