Cyber Security and Your Business

22 September 2019

Across the UK, some 98% of businesses have an online presence, from a website to social media profiles, email addresses and online shopping.  But this also means that the amount of companies experiencing a cyber threat has increased – government stats show around 40% of all businesses and charities experienced a breach or attack within the last 12 months.

Cyber Security

The big names make it to the TV news, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t so important for smaller companies.  Loss of reputation, cash flow problems and loss of customers can all result from a breach.  So, what can businesses do?

Working with the right people to get help with cyber security is very important.  But the basics shouldn’t be ignored.  Things like strong passwords are the foundation of good security and ensuring these can’t easily be guessed is crucial.  Random word combinations, adding capital letters in odd places and swapping letters for punctuation can all help.

Problems with GDPR are also a top reason companies run int problems.  Ensure that all of your communications and systems to store information gathered are to the standards within the act and that appropriate security measures are in place.

Finally, whatever software or apps you are using, ensure that you keep them up to date. Outdating software is a top way that cybercriminals gain access to systems but by ensuring updates are done quickly, you can reduce this risk.

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