What is 'simjacking'?

28 October 2019

If you have heard the term ‘simjacking’ and wondered what was going on, you aren’t alone.  The rise in SIM hijacking or Simjacking is a worrying trend and allows thieves to ‘port’ a number to different SIM cards, effectively stealing your phone’s identity.

Sim Cards

Changing your number to a new handset is a common practice.  People transfer numbers when they get a new phone or if their old one was broken.  There is some security checking involved before a new SIM card is added for the number.

But recently reports of simjacking, including the phone of Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, shows that the system isn’t as secure as would be ideal.

The system used to simjack is quite smart.  Scammers will gather security information but sending phishing emails, convincing you to provide information in some kind of scam or even bribing mobile service provider employees.  Armed with this, they can impersonate you and transfer your number to their device.

Once they have done this, they can start to request new passwords and other information sent via text.  They can access this information and use it to access bank accounts or other financial accounts.

If you are concern this might happen to you, add extra security such as a PIN code to make changes.  Also make sure all accounts have strong passwords that make it harder for someone to guess and reset.

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