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28 October 2019

When it comes to choosing a mobile phone for your business, there are no shortage of options.  But you don’t have to spend £1000+ on a big name handset to get the features you need.  Here are some of the mobile phones that make the top 5 on features and budget.

Mobile Phones

The Nokia 105 is ideal if you want something to make phone calls and simple text messages.  It has an impressive 35 standby battery life and features like a headphone socket and microUSB port. It may not be a ‘smart’ phone but it certain does the basics and costs under £30.

The Mi A2 from Xiaomi is a phone from a Chinese manufacturer who may not be well known but produce great quality devices.  Retailing at £259, you can often get deals lowing it to around £150 and it includes Android One software to operate it.  There’s a camera and wireless charging via a USB-C port.

Another Nokia, the 8.1, is ideal if you want to spend £300-400 on a handset and can be as low as £280 with the right deal.  It has 4GB RAM and 64GB storage as well as glass and metal construction similar to the iPhone.  Battery life is fine for work users.

Google’s Pixel 3a is one of the cheapest Android smartphones that includes many of the top features including a fingerprint scanner, 64GB storage and a very impressive camera.  It stands out as the best phone for under £500, retailing at £399 and often as low as £350 with deals.

The OnePlus 7 Pro is outstanding value at around £600-650 and offers both 4G and 5G options.  It uses the top of the line Snapdragon chip and has 128GB or storage as well as fast charging.

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