Thinking About 5G?

26 November 2019

There’s been a lot in the news about 5G, the latest network that is slowly starting to spread around the UK.  But what is 5G and should your business consider an upgrade when it reaches your area?


The aim of 5G is to enhance existing broadband services and also allow a new mobile network with a range of extra services.  It will be more efficient and offer improved performance including the greater use of connected devices such as Internet of Things systems.

For businesses, this presents an interesting range of potential benefits.  The use of more internet-connected devices and equipment can cut down time taken to do everyday tasks as well as saving on things like utility bills by having smart lighting, heating and air conditioning.  It will also ensure that critical infrastructure will have more reliable connections and low latency to improve reliability.

Perhaps the biggest difference will be to the mobile network.  5G will allow for much quicker mobile internet connections, greater reliability and more devices per connection point.  This will allow people to work from home with the same speed as they would at the office or to make remote work quicker and more secure.

5G is already starting to roll out to some areas of the UK and more areas should receive access in the coming year.  So, if your business finds that it is available, it may be worth considering the switch or at least chatting to an expert about it.

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